Final Fall

Final Fall

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Silus walked casually down the black corridor, face blank and all emotion void. To ether side of him figures bowed, not any sign or acknowledgment showed on his face.

The door slid open before him as he walked through to the arena beyond. It was a circular chamber 50 meters from one end to the other, flat and filled with shadows. He made his way to the center, slowly turning to take in the figures just barley reconcilable in the darkness. The hiss of the watchers became louder as the arena became a void of blackness, all except the 10 meter area surrounding Silus. That was bathed in a bright light, the better to see the fights as much as it was to make it more of a challenge to Silus.

These duels were an annoying waste of time in Silus's opinion. He was Jedi trained, these whelps were not. The chance they had against him was pathetic at best, if there was even any to begin with. Beating these untrained initiates was no test of his power or fighting skill, that he knew. It was a test of his will. Whether or not he has the strength of will to be Sith, that was why he was here. He let a soft growl out at the shadowy figures. Before he would of felt pity for these poor souls. Now though?

He had been a Jedi once, one of the youngest to attain knighthood in a century. He had worshiped his master and had believed in everything the Jedi stood for. The Jedi code, had been his mantra. Not the one that the order taught but the one that his master had taught him, the true Jedi code.

There is no emotion, there is peace.
Peace was a lie, there is never peace. There is always conflict, and only with emotion will one be strong enough to overcome.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
Again a lie, the Jedi were ignorance. They are afraid to delve into the force wholy, hiding behind closed minds.

There is no passion, there is serenity.
More lies, there was no serenity WITHOUT Passion. Passion was life.

There is no chaos, there is harmony.
Harmony was a delusion, there was only chaos. With Strength and Power the chaos can be manipulated, but nothing more.

There is no death, there is the Force.
The epitome of the Jedi lies. The Force was Life, not death.

It didn't matter anymore, the Jedi mantra wasn't his anymore. He followed a different code now, a code of the true force.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me

He would be free. Free from the lies, free from the fear of the true force, free to take his revenge.

Silus centered himself, feeling out into the darkness for what he couldn't see. Sensing the dark forms moving warily out beyond the light, seeking a place and time to strike. He could see with his minds eye, there were four men. They were slowly working their way in, seeking the point to strike. They prowled the darkness beyond the light like prey beast, slowly moving one direction then another, looking for any sign of weakness.

Glint of metal was the only warning there was as the Cortosis Sword struck from the darkness at Silus's throat, and missed by a hair as he twisted out of it's way. Grabbing the arm that was now overextended, he used the momentum from the charge to push the assailant towards one of the other adversaries. The other , having seen the attack was darting in to try to take advantage of the distraction. Silus heard a grunt and then a gurgling sound as the first assailant collided with the second. The sword, still stretched out from the attempted attack, impaled the second assailant instead.

Sidestepping a sloppy downward chop by the third assailant, Silus moved forward to grab him by the to the throat. Snaking around the figure, Silus crushed the mans windpipe. Using his own momentum he flung the choking man at the fourth assailant, who like the others was moving in to try to take advantage of the distraction of combat. A slight grin crossed Silus face when he heard the sound of air being knocked out of his target and he moved quickly to finish him off before he could regain his feet.

He went into a roll, ducking a sword swing that had been leveled at his head height, he sprung backwards over the first assailant. He had thought this one would of been tied up for longer than he had, but the surprise of him reentering the fray so quickly didn't affect Silus any. Landing behind the first, he grabbed the arm that just finished a second swing, pulled it around the mans neck, and slammed an elbow into the point where skull meets the spinal column, crushing the bone underneath. Still holding the limp body he spun just in time to take the sword thrust from the final initiate into it. Dropping the body he kicked the feet from under the man and then casually stepped on his throat until he heard it crunch.

He could hear clapping coming from the darkness.

"Nicely done Jedi. Me and the other Apprentices didn't think you had it in you."

He recognized the voice. Dravith, the best of the apprentices at the academy. "I am no longer a Jedi Dravith. I am Sith." He himself was surprised at the calmness of his voice, emotion swirled inside him, hate, elation, anger. Why was Dravith here? Was this part of the test? He scowled as the heard laughter coming from the darkness as the last remaining lights went out.

"You? Sith?" Dravith laughed "You are not worthy of naming yourself Sith, Jedi. You are weak, just like the rest of the Jedi. Even now I can feel the fear pouring from you."

The last comment shocked Silus. He felt, yes, but not fear. He felt Hate. He hated Dravith, the one who never let him forget that he was once a Jedi. Surprise. Why was Dravith was here? Anger. Dravith was once again taunting him in front of the masters. Contempt. If the test was this he would pass easily. Anticipation. For the next part of the test. Fear was not there, he felt no fear. Dravith was lying.

"Why are you here Dravith? I've beaten these weaklings, the test is done."

He could hear Dravith laughing again. "Test? This isn't a test. It's an execution. Your execution, Jedi." He laughed again "Did you really think the masters would really allow a weakling Jedi to become Sith?"

The crimson lightsaber flashing from the darkness was not unexpected, but the speed of which it did almost caught Silus off guard. Ducking the blade he kicked Dravith knocking him back, at the same time he called out with his mind to the Cortosis sword still embedded in the near by corpse. Once grasped he swung it in an arc that would connect with Dravith's lightsabers blade. The flash was blinding as the plasma stream that was the blade broke and the saber turned off. Hearing a curse from Dravith he reversed the swing arcing back to slash at Dravith, and flew backwards, the pressure from the force push hard on his chest.

Silus chuckled now into the darkness. "Whats a matter Dravith, no one ever explain to you about Cortosis? See it disrupts the plasma flow of lightsabers. Yours is useless against me now." He used his force sense to feel out Dravith, finishing this fast would be for the best. Dravith was the top apprentice for a reason, one of the best duelist in the academy and very strong in the force. All he could feel was a haze in the arena. Dravith was masking his presence, cursing Silus realized he should of been doing the same.

The kick caught him in the middle of his back, knocking him to his knees. He used the momentum to roll forward and then to the side, springing back at where Dravith had struck from. Sweeping the sword in an upward stoke he felt it embed into something, and smiled. The strike to his wrist felt like a hammer, and Silus let go of the sword involuntarily. He leaped backward to avoid any other blows that were headed for him, and again felt out for his assailant.

The Crimson blade lit up again, showing Dravith standing next to one of the other apprentices, the Cortosis sword sticking out of his chest. Silus watched as Dravith let go of the back of the dead apprentices robe, letting him crumple to the floor, and reach out to grab the embedded sword. Smiling as he did so he tossed the sword off into the darkness, letting it slide far out of Silus's reach.

"There. No more little toys for you to delay the inevitable."

With that Dravith leaped into attack. Silus rolled forward again, under another flashing red arc. Quickly he grabbed the lightsaber off the dead apprentice, lighting it's own blood red blade just in time to block the killing blow Dravith had meant for his head.

"It's no use Jedi. You know your no match for me with lightsabers. Just give into the inevitable end and make this easier on yourself. I can feel your fear, Jedi, it tastes sweet to my senses." Dravith snarled.

The blows were almost too quick for Silus to block, coming in both front and back. He took a step back, and followed by another, forced on him by the relentless attacks. Every blow was fended off, but he never saw an opportunity to make a decisive strike back. Suddenly Dravith paused in his attacks.

"Fine. You want to drag this out, I shall happily oblige you. You death will be painful and lengthy."

Anger swelled up in Silus at the smile Dravith gave. He was toying with Silus, showing off for the masters. He leaped into attack, violently arcing his blade of red plasma in wide angles, forcing Dravith to make extended motions in order to block the blows. Silus swung his saber into a reverse grip, swinging to Dravith's legs, and using the momentum to make an arc up and over to strike. Every blow was blocked, Dravith's skill allowing him to easily deflect them all. The counter attack was furious, Silus's reverse grip making it harder to deflect the incoming attacks. Dravith's kick to the chest sent Silus flying back, rolling on the ground. He flung up his blade barely in time to block the downward chop of the killing blow Dravith had intended. The two duelist glared into each others eyes over the red light of the blades.

"Dravith, you are the one that is not deserving to be Sith. You are weak, and need to be culled." Silus growled through clenched teeth. "You may be stronger than me with sabers, but you lack the one thing to be truly strong. Cunning. You will die by one of it's most basic tenants."

Across the blades, a mocking smile growing on his face, Dravith growled back. "Yes? And just what do you understand that I don't?"

"Deception." Silus replied dryly, savoring the shocked expression that replaced the mocking smile as the greed blade of Silus's lightsaber sprung from Dravith's back. Silus pulled his blade free. The wound was not a mortal one, Dravith would recover, but he no longer could hold his blade. Silus stood and kicked Dravith's lightsaber into the darkness, then looking down at the fallen apprentices saber tossed it after it. Holding only his own green bladed lightsaber he walked around to the back of Dravith a calmness overcoming him.

"You didn't honestly think I would walk out here without my lightsaber, did you?" Silus looked down on Dravith's slouched form. "You call me Jedi, and I was one once." He paused, standing behind Dravith, lightsaber in hand and pondered for a moment. "Did you know that a Jedi won't. Can't! Take the life of an unarmed opponent?" He slowly walked around to the front of Dravith, looking down into eyes that saw mercy and hoped and begged for it.

"Again Dravith, I'll tell you." Dravith's head fell to the ground, the green blade easily cutting it from the body. "I am Sith."

Silus shut off his lightsaber and listened to the murmurs of approval in the darkness.

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Re: Final Fall

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((I don't know how I missed this before. Awesooooooooome!))
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Re: Final Fall

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Yea, I tried to make it like the other forums and have the sub forums, but I'm admin dexlexic apparently. Hopefully Immy or Lex will fix it up.

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