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What is Glastonbury?

Our community came together in a massively-multiplayer fantasy roleplaying game called "Dark Age of Camelot" (DAoC). Our guild name arose in homage of the real life town of Glastonbury, England, thought to be home to King Arthur's court and Avalon. Glastonbury is indeed a place where many true legends exist, such as the Thorntree, the Tor, and many other sites of real history. Additionally, our guild founders wanted a relaxed atmosphere where merriment and common pleasures were accepted, and founded our ranks as an irregular militia. Thus, our guild name in DAoC became Glastonbury Irregulars.

What's with the pig?

Well, the boar is the mascot of our original Glastonbury Irregulars guild. Since then we've adopted the Boar wholesale (as well as a penchant for drinking and piratey things and such). The boar signifies our humble origins, a stout heart, unflinching bravery (perhaps too much so).... But don't think we're just drunken sots with pigs for pets... Glastons are often surprising folk, and surprisingly resourceful.

Is this one of those nazi roleplaying guilds?

Our community is founded in roleplay. Every guild that we create in each new game incorporates our desire to roleplay. However, not all of us are roleplayers. Shock! Yes, indeed - there are many shades of roleplay and we run the gammut. Those of us who do really, really enjoy roleplaying tend to roleplay most of the time. And often when we get going, even those of us who don't usually roleplay get caught up in it. Before you know it, people are not only having fun playing the game... but also having a blast goofing with each other!

I used to be in a power guild. Will the guild help me power level? Will we raid and get all the top gear? Do you intend to dominate the rankings and server?

Maybe, yes but probably not, and no. Helping guild mates is highly encouraged, be it with item sharing, helping level, or sharing information. As for PLing, you are probably on your own but will find that we group together and lower-level members benefit from this.

Because of who we are, we actually screen recruits. Therefore we will never be a giant-sized guild. The biggest our guilds have ever been is in the 40-60 range. Because of this, we likely won't be forming guild-only loot fests. However, we often get around this by forming alliances with other guilds. Also because of this, we won't be zerging our way to the top of rankings. We have plenty of really good players, and several of us have been top-ranked individuals in other games. But one thing that is highly frowned upon is shutting members out in order to form 133t death squads, etc. Exclusion is not our style. We're here to have fun, and yes, winning is fun. But guild unity and comradery and guild support is stronger than forming cliques.

So what do you guys offer over other guilds if you aren't a power guild?

We're all about having a good time in an atmosphere where the individual isn't lost in the crowd, where roleplay sets the tone for adventure, and a variety of people come together for a variety of interests. And, since Glastonbury spans several games and interests, being a Glaston also means you are connected via The Laughing Lion to a variety of MMO games and a much larger community. We've been around for half a dozen years and many MMOs. We get together for just about any reason, whether it's an MMO or a 1v1 RTS match. If you enjoy roleplaying, online gaming, and a mature community atmosphere, you've come to the right place!
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