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Our primary goal is to have a fun gaming experience! Pursuit of power, wealth, and success will not be ignored but will definitely NOT come at the expense of quality.

Guildmembers are expected to group together - for unity and comradery, aiding each other, and familiarizing play styles and strategies. One for all and all for one.

Recruitment and Membership

... Contact a member
... Register and post an introduction on the appropriate forum
... Join guild groups as much as possible
... Gain written sponsorship to your intro post by at least two members

We are firm in our standards for potential members. Generally speaking, we want mature, quality, good-natured people.

Once a member has proven their worth and their judge of character, they are granted recruitment rank in the guild. After a time, new recruits that show promise will be promoted to full member upon guild consensus. Full membership includes the privilege of sponsoring and inviting new members.

Since Glastonbury spans several games and interests, being a Glaston also means you are connected via The Laughing Lion to a variety of multi-player games and a larger community.


Generally, Glastonbury reflects a motley crew of low-class / misfit / eccentric / blue-collar type characters. This is not to say that heroes will arise from within our ranks (we expect they will!) or that a noble soul may be so taken back by the courage of this motley group that they pledge their aid.

Members are not required to roleplay - but must understand that we are a roleplay guild. We understand that there are different levels of roleplay and we encourage any attempt. However, we also understand that certain situations make roleplay difficult at times and that roleplay is not the best form of communication under combat situations (hence TeamSpeak, below).


...All chat in public channels is to be roleplay.
...Private tells and channels, guild chat, and group chat is a bit more flexible.
...A suitable channel may be dedicated for OOC/PvP/etc. if available.
...Members should keep OOC comments to a minimum except in a designated OOC channel (see above). In these cases, please identify such non-roleplay statements by ways such as:

”ooc: blah blah blah”
”(ooc) blah blah blah”
“[blah blah blah]“


We often use TeamSpeak (TS) for real-time tactical communication when necessary. Ask an admin or guild leader for details on getting hooked up!

Please note that our TS server is not free. Use of TS requires courtesy and any misuse or offensive language will not be tolerated.

Note that not all members use TS! TS should not be used as a substitute for normal guild communication. Using TS exclusive of guild chat will likely alienate you from the rest of the guild and cause problems.

Leadership and Rank

Initially, one member will serve to lead each guild. If the guild become larger and/or more complex issues arrise (such as alliances and wars), the “triumverate“ option may be appropriate. The triumverate means that three elected members lead, and it takes 2/3 leader vote to pass the most important guild matters.

Glastonbury leaders are more motivational guides than regimented commanders. However we realize that although Glastonbury members mull and vote their minds on issues, there are times when a decisive but fair voice must be heard.

Full members are considered peer officers with all rights and privileges. The guild will have positions of honor and perhaps administration (such as a treasurer), but in essence all proven members are equal and officers.[u]
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