Ok finally I graced you...

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Ok finally I graced you...

Postby koras » Mon Oct 15, 2007 9:19 pm

Hey guys!

Long time no see. I know i've been a bad little Glaston but hey. I'll fill any of you in who care:
I have taken a break from WoW and have concentrated on my "research" into the phenom that is the "Interweb." Were you aware that there are pictures of naked ladys contained in this "interweb" and you can look at them for free? Yeah i know... it's fricken awesome! So i've been doing a lot of that.

And well I got the WoW jones' so I decided to check out free servers. Currently I'm playing on Wowgasm. It can be found at
Basically the same deal as regular wow except for some slight differences. First the level cap is 254 instead of 70, next is you can get to level 70 by grinding only and that takes approximately 5 hours to play. Yeah that's awesome. The server is quite active with guilds and raiding of course is the real draw to the game. Gold isn't a problem as you get like 200g per kill. It's totally cheating and for those who enjoy doing the same quests over and over this isn't for you. This is for those who like instant gratification. I already have my Tier 3 set, epic staff and wand and of course all my slots filled. It's cool to be uber without having to play 12 hours a day everyday. So yeah I'm liking that. If anyone wants to check it out send me a message (Skurge is playing too) Helly mentioned something about Lex wanting to check it out so cool man DO IT!

Basically I'm not really "in" to any games right now. Playing the beta of UT3 here and there. Pretty weak but it's free... still waiting for something that i'm gonna get into... the wait continues.

So yeah hope to lurk around here and post the odd hilarious shite.
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