A woman wakes up on the deck...staring up at the yardarms...

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A woman wakes up on the deck...staring up at the yardarms...

Postby Jabs » Sat Nov 01, 2008 8:52 pm

...after taking stock of her fingers and toes, and thence finding them all accounted for in good order, she notices 8 other souls all peering expectantly at her from a short distance across the deck...

They're all somehow familiar, yet also somehow changed. The three Dwarves from that oddly-named clan - Beaten, Draggan, and Pennifor - the two from The White City - Marrowyn and Berengarie, and the three others - now looking quite different than when they'd set sail a few days prior. They'd be Adoriicas, Adlaai, and Leangerley.

One of the Dwarves speaks up, "Ach, lass, ah dun know what kinna shortcut ye took, but this dun look like no Ratchet t'me."

Alarmed, The Captain of the Our Lady's Vengeance, Tryxy Briann sits up with a start, and peers over the gunwale of her well worn, well loved ship. In the distance, a port lies, unfamiliar blue and yellow flags waving over her ships and buildings.

The Captain mutters to herself... "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore..."

I'm Jon - 40, Denver, Former WoW (Role)Player from the Maelstrom Server. I've been playing Destruction Side on Phoenix Throne with the Cult of Ythrl, and I think I'm ready for a change. Did some investigation into what the RP servers were like over the last week or so, and Avelorn seems to be the (second) best RP Realm (but I'm not going to delete all my characters and reroll order on the best one *grins*) - best being determined by a good population balance, with a somewhat report-happy community (This is a good thing. Every person who chooses an RP server accepts the RP Ruleset EVERY time they pick that server. You have *zero* excuse for breaking that ruleset, IMHO.).

Digging into the "larger" guilds (Cult of Ythrl is pushing 300 members, but retains it's casual atmosphere), I found the Glastonbury Irregulars - and the "P" word was featured prominently.

"Dear Sir, I'm intrigued by what you say, and I wish to sign up for your newsletter."
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Re: A woman wakes up on the deck...staring up at the yardarms...

Postby Rhen » Sun Nov 30, 2008 6:06 pm

unfortunately we just moved from Avelorn to Pheonix Throne ourselves, as Avelorn is pretty dead, and the offer to move presented itself.
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