Hail, and well met

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Hail, and well met

Postby Haldren » Fri Oct 17, 2008 7:39 am

I come to you now, at this dark time for our beloved Empire, bearing the word and authority of our father and protector Sigmar Heldenhammer. Our lands and souls are beseiged on all sides by black Chaos. The goblinoids muster in their reeking fens, and the elves bicker amongst themselves as children squabbling over a basket of sweets. What now, but that brave and doughty men must choose to stand against the coming of this night? I see that courage in you, Irregulars of Glastonbury. I see the light and fire of Sigmar in your eyes and hearts. You are not the perfumed and pampered nobility, born to cringe behind walls of cold stone, shivering and weeping that no harm come to your frocks and candlesticks. You are sons and daughters of farm and field, smithy and pasture. You know the feel of sweat on your brow and dirt between your fingers. You know the value of a humble life lead in service to justice, fairness and divinity. Yours is the courage of simple moral truth...we are Righteous. We live and work in the light of our God. And with that light at our backs, we shall purge this world of the blackness and corruption that seeks to consume it. Arise, Irregulars of Glastonbury! Arise, and join me in this fight! We shall ride down the wicked and make free this land! For the glory of the Empire! For the glory of Sigmar!

- Haldren Gotteswaffe

I have perused your FAQ and charter, and I like what I see. I will take this opportunity to tell you about myself.

I'm a long time MMO veteran. I started in Ultima Online, played Everquest for several years, DAoC for several more (Hib-Guinivere), on to City of Heroes, World of Warcraft and now Warhammer...dabbling in others such as EVE, AO, EQ2 and Vanguard along the way. I've both lead and been a member of many guilds, and over time my preferences for such associations. I like a guild that carefully considers who it invites, rather than simply inviting every random fool they come across to swell the ranks. I like a guild that plays together and get along, but doesn't schedule and dictate the playtime of its members. I like a guild that values character, intelligence and humor over skill or class. I like a guild that roleplays, but doesn't attack every ooc slip up like a scolding aunt. I like the company of mature, drama-free adults that remember, first and foremost, that they are playing a game, and that games are supposed to be fun...not second jobs we pursue with our recreational time. Glastonbury Irregulars appears to be this kind of guild.

I play with my 26 year old girlfriend, a High Elf Swordmaster named Morn Dawnchaser. We like to quietly quest and level together, mix in some scenarios and open RvR, two man PQs, and generally poke around at our own pace. She is shy, but friendly, and still relatively new to MMO's in general (WoW was her first). I also have a long time friend that I have gamed with since Ultima Online who shares my interest in your guild. He's a great guy, and truly one of the finest players I've ever met. He can be found online as Katrin.

Drop us a tell in-game sometime and let us know if you think we have what it takes to be as Irregular as yourselves.
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Re: Hail, and well met

Postby Daylan » Fri Oct 17, 2008 9:25 am

If ye want t' be Irregular, just stop eatin' all those fruits n' vegetables!

Welcome t' the Laughing Lion, mate; what can I get ye t' drink? We mos'ly like t' get drunk wi' someone to kick off a new friendship.

((Look any of the Irregulars up in-game and we can point you to our leaders, or whichever Boar was unlucky enough to get voted into a position of responsibility through neglect or absence. This is a great group of people; I just came back after a few years out of gaming, but the group itself has been together in one form or another for the better part of a decade. We are exactly what you describe - an easy going group of (relatively) mature people who just like to have fun together while playing the game. Welcome!))
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Re: Hail, and well met

Postby Charlie » Fri Oct 17, 2008 11:56 am

Well met Haldren, I am Cutheil (BW) and look forward to meeting you and the others. You describe us pretty well mate. Look us up in game and I'll try to send ya a tell this week end. We are hitting Gunbad with our alliance friends (Honor Shadow) this Sunday (6-ish EST) and might be for ya to meet the gang if we dont hook up before then.
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